Sea Parrot, king of the island Runde

I would like to write a short artickle about what I felt after my visit of such a beautifull place Runde. And as anybody could expect from me I will begin little bit unusuall.

For and against
When Michal asked me to go for a trip with him to follow the puffins, I was telling to myself if there is a point for me to go when I already visited this island two years ago. I was thinking about it for a while and then I reserved a spot for me on this excursion. I had to make sure I would upgrade my camera equipment to get the best pictures possible. Canon EOS 30D + EF 100-400mm f/4,5-5,6L IS USM a Canon EOS 1DMark III + EF 300mm f/2,8L IS USM it is a huge difference in a speed and sharp of the pictures. It was big challenge to use it in the nature. Unfortunately I could not get use to it before my trip to Runde. I was trying but the bad weather did not give me a chance. Fortunately there were five professional photographs ready to help me.


9K1I9800 Fratercula artica


9K1I4125 Heamatopus ostralegus


9K1I3982 Heamatopus ostralegus


The infinite way...
The way to Norway is always full of unanswered questions. The feeling that I forgot something did not leave me relaxed and as soon as I arrived to Michel's house I found out that I do not have artificially snares for catching fishes. So I left the rest of stuff behind because I was not able to fish in Runde without it. The meeting was in Prague on the Black Bridge as two years. Tibor and Martin came from Morava and Jirka with Jirka M came from South Czech. After we finally got all of the bags to car we finally hit the road to Rostock. We were not too sure if we will make it in time to the car-ferry. At the end we made it 2 hours in advance, which made us all very happy. When we finally arrived to Denmark we were felt that we are closer to our destination. The way was very tiring and very long. There was a little complication in Goteborg. I was a driver at that time and we manage to on the right road in last minute. The rest of the drivers were not very happy with my driving and they were blaring. Last 400 km of our way we were very tired and all of us looked wrecked. Before we got on the car-ferry I should mentioned 2 incredible animals jellyfish the size of the football and white whale. We were only few kilometres apart from Runde and everybody (included me) was very exited to see the right island. Why the right one? Because we all bet with the "leader of the tour" on who will be the first one to see our destination. I was the lucky one who won and because of this I had 10 Euro to spend. I should probably mention that I never got the money. The game made us occupied for some time so nobody was concentrating on the lack of sleep after 26 hours.


9K1I9514 Jiří­ Zají­c - just relax


9K1I9818 Martin Mecnarowski


9K1I4651 Tibor Popela in action


We are finaly in our destination
I was planning to go imedietly to take the pictures of the sea parrots after our arrivel. But the reality was little bit different. I didn´t completely considered how tired I was at the time. After we arrived and unpacked the thought of the sleep was soo strong and nice that I end up in bed. We were staying in same place as 2 years ago which was prefect location to acces the hills of the island. I wanted to enjoy the taking of the pictures as much as I could. Our plans were affected by the weather of course which on the island is changing so offten that it is totaly different the hour after hour. The second element of the agenda for a day was how tired the person was from the previous day. There were days when I went even 3 times to the top of the island, of course that had an impack on next day. By the end of the week our energy was soo low that we were less and less active. Back to the weather, it was so windy during whole week that it made the work harder. There was quite foggy in the morning and evening hours most of the days so it didn't really make sence to climb to the top of the island to the view point. Just to give you some idea, after we came back from taking the pictures of the sea parrots me and Jirka agreeed that we will try to take some pictures of the night scenery which to be perfectly honest is not my strenght. After we had some dinner we got on the way to the coast full of waves at 1 in the morning. We spent there about 2 hours and each of us got some nice pictures. We agreeed that as we are already awake it would make sence to shoot some pictures for the sun raise. I knew about perfect spot form when we were on the island 2 years ago. When we arrived to the place and set the Photographic technigue we lay down on the grass and waited for sun to come. It was nearly idyllic. Sun was coming and we were ready behind our cameras. On the way back we agreed that we will go to take some pictures of the sea weed in the morning light. We found very nice one sitting on the top of the stone. Gig clouds made us little bit worried when they were coming our way. There was no other way then to go back, have some breakfast and go to bed. When I finally got to bed it was 7 in the morning and at that time I had no idea that I would wake up in 3 hours wondering where do I go today.

9K1I8857 Stercorarius skua


9K1I4652 Jiří­ Zají­c


1DMK7350 Michal Jirouš

As on the swing
Morning 6 p.m. we are boarding onto the boat which is taking us to shoot pictures of many kind of the birds which are on this island. At that time we had no idea what was coming. After we explained to captain what we want to see we get going to the west cost of Runde. There were 9 photographer (our excursion and Zdenek Soucek and Stefan with Lenkou). When we were passing the south part of the island the view was just beautifull. The closer we got to the cliffs of the sea parrots the more of the swiming sea parrots we saw. We tried to take some pictues but even with object lens of 300mm/f 2,8L IS USM and other extra equiptment we did't manage to get close enough so we left. We were sailing around the cliffs and suddenly there was a rock coming out of water which is full of life. There are shags, auks, guillemots so we spent some extra time there. Captain asked us if we would like to see eagles when we filled nearly half of the 16GB of the memory card. All of us agree.... To see the uplifting eagles which are fighthing is breath-taking. But the best part was about to come. When we set our eyes on the sea we notice a group of gannets ready to hunt. I never saw anything like that in my life only in movies from National Geografic. It was very exiting. Captain warned us to hold on thigh because the waves were really big. I took us few long minutes to get into the right position. Suddenly we were in the middle and I took a lot of incomplete pictures. At the end I managed to get few pictures of the flying gannets. I stopped to take pictures and enjoyed the show in front of us after few minutes. We were all full of the memories and we could not talk about anything else on the wayo the harbour. It was not he easiest but I was not he only one who woud go back again. It was definitely worth it.






It was a great week with great people and a lot to remember. Anything bad was left behind and we kept only the good memories. If I will ever get a chance to come back to island of Runde I definitely will. There always will be new pictures to be taken. Thanks a lot to everybody for a wonderfull week.


9K1I4647 Jiří­ Zají­c, Tibor Popela


1DMK7292 Martin Mecnarowski


parta hic Jiří­ Zají­c, Michal Jirouš, myself, Martin Mecnarowski, Jiří­ Michal and Tibor Popela


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