Puffin expedition 07 (Norway , Runde island)

Although this comment is out of macrophotographic category, I decided to publish it on these websites. I think it would be a pity if so much excellent weekly trip was not documented here. I will conceive this report from the different side that is normal. I do not want to write large novel about the place where we stayed ,saw etc. , so I will try to present our experiences through photos with short comment how they incurred

hzhz Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula artica)

After nearly 26 hours long trip by the car, we came on the Runde island. We are four drivers, so we could change in driving the car. But sometimes it seems that there is only one man at the wheel. After comming I expected that we lay off, the the reality was different. When I saw Ondra to dress himself and check the photographic equipment in his bag, I was sure that he is planning to make the photos immediately. After short adaptation we started to rise on the top of the island and I have to say, that is really hard with the full bag, although I normally I keep fine. The weather was not so much nice because the fog covered the island and made us the troubles during the photographing. Nevertheless we provided quite interesting photos (see above), which can be called 2in1 and you will see upwards later on.


IMG_1091 Oystercatcher (Heamatopus ostralegus) This photo arise from our trip wih Michal around the island coast. The photographing among the big stones was not easy, we have be very careful for the places we tread , for the object and photo equipment as well. Oystercatcher is very attentive and shy, and is very difficult to get near. But the methods how to take advantage of it are possible, but needs little bit of patience. This picture interest me because the both are orientated to Michal and ignored me. So I had the free field of activity.


michal Mike in action michal 55 Mike in action IMG_9973 ? This photo from the set 2in1 arised by chance from my trial to catch the Oystercatcher. I do not know the offical name for it, but it is very fast and small and to catch one or two is definitely big problem. My privite name for these "tiny" is rychlonožka. Unfortunatelly only one photo is possible to use because of my inability, and now I know that it a pity. I should give more time for the them.


IMG_1116 Gull (Larus canus) I was unhappy because of this entity. During my trips around the coast I met so much aggressive object , that I was afraid about my life and I went rather to the safety place. He attacked me headlong and it was only a question of time when he strike me. Michal was very amused because of my situation. It is the most probable, that I visited the location of gull breeding place. I want not to get this situation again.


IMG_9310 Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula artica) IMG_1129 Oystercatcher (Heamatopus ostralegus) IMG_1077 Gull (Larus canus)


Except the first day ,we enjoyed the beautiful weather. There was no day without sun and the temperature rised very high often. On the highest point of the island sometimes the unpleasant wind blowed in, but if I choosed the conformable clothes, I had no problem. Last day the temperature was 25 cetigrade degree, was was unexpected. The rain started during the way back home in Sweden.


IMG_9631 "Five-star hotel" So, let me introduce our luxury five-star hotel. After the entrance I did not believe my eyes. The entrance door were equipped by the safety eyelet, lock with tumbler and insurable chain. The material structure of the interier textile and carpets fulfill the fire norm. All rooms are equipped with the smoke detektor. In each room there are two wrappers , luxury bad cosmetics and soft drinks prepared. In the vestibule there is also ice maker available. We had a choice from the different type of pillow - antiallergic or feather with eligible softness. Internet free connection (ethernet,DHCP on,local net address, 512kB/s) and others. The price included also the style dinner like this ................

Appetizer : Slices of smoked swordfish with red salad with herb gnocchi
Main Menu : Pike perch fillets with red and yellow sauce served with baked potatoes
Desert : Chocolate terinka two colors are cinnamon cone filled with caramel cream on apple puree

.....it is naturally, that we did want to came back home from this paradise. Of course, I overstated, but when I will came back here in the future , I am sure that the accomodation will be in the same building. According to my calculation, this house is suitable for more than eight people.


IMG_0541 Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula artica) IMG_0458_filtered Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula artica) IMG_0417 Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula artica) The photographing of flying bird was the domain on the island. It was not so much difficult physicaly as the photographing on the coast, but after three hours I had a handalgea. Michal used the Canon EF 300 / f 2.8 L IS object -lens which is very hard, especially to keep it many hours. At the biginning the photo-scrap was nearly 100%, but with time the success came. We know the method to improve the final form of pictures. One of them was to monitor the papuchalk start from his nestful until back home. Then everything depends only on strong hand and camera speed.


IMG_0723 Runde island IMG_9427 Runde island IMG_9633 photo by tripod

With this collective picture I would like to finish my report. I enjoyed this trip all the week, and when I get the possibillity to came back again in the future, I will make this.

Photo report : Onřej Prosický, Michal Jirouš, Petr Pazour and me