Expedition Moravian tree-frog

I have monitored, how photographers (collegues) book the beutiful pictures of green tree-frogs (Hyla arborea) long since. Inasmuchas it is lovely and flimsy subjects, I could not rouse the offer of Michal Jirouš to make the weekend trip to beutiful location for macrophotography with him and Ondra Prosický to Polanka ponds.

I was inspired with the location immediately we entryed here. Some ponds with reed spangled and forest surrounded. Near is the flow of Odra river with the hight hollow banks, which caused the discussion about the nidification of different kinds of bird interesting for Michal and Ondra. On Friady after comming to local hotel (I will give you information later on) we made the trip to Polanské ponds.We wanted to check the situation and places for photographing to decide which places are the best. After comming we found out,that our clothes are not suitable for the terrain, therefore we came back to the hotel. On the way back, we contacted the photographer of the dragon-fly Martin Pustelní­k, because he informed Ondra before, that he is accomodated only one kilometr from us. So we agreed to meet one other at the glass of wine in our hotel. We discussed all the issues regarding the dragon-fly and tree-frog and mainly the tomorrow morning expedition.


ros European tree frog (Hyla arborea)


On Saturday morning we made a meeting at five o´clock a.m. on the parking place near Polanské ponds. I could not belive my eyes, because on the stretch of 100m2 there were ca. ten glossy demoiselles after the comming into local meadow. There were females and males. The problem was the size of the very high grass and it was neccessary to use the trimmers, which Martin had in his bag - good instrument for the background arranging......Michal has also the trimmers but only for pedicure. In a minute each of us found the object for photographing and only the lens-shutter clicking was heard. Demiselles were still solid and dewy, so we had time to prepare the tripod at rest and with the helpfull of remote release to reach the maximum emphasis together with usage of macroflash


IMG_0180 The Banded Demoiselle Calopteryx splendens


After one hour of intensive photographing we leaved the place for the main object as tree-frogs. Martin show us the best places and I we would have big troubles to find any frog without his knowledges. After the neverending finding, finály we found the ones and besieged it more than 2 hours.


IMG_0996 Me, Ondra a Martin IMG_0997 Michal and Ondra


It was the first tree-frog we saw, therefore we all wanted to make the most quantity of the photos, but later each of us find the own object and have a suitable position for photographing. Whole Saturday there was a wheather in a cloud, so we could maket he pictures also during noon, when is normally strict light.All we have the flashes as macroflash (me and Michal) or classic Canon 580 (Ondra a Martin) with difusor for softer light. When I had my 2GBcard quite full, I started to find another objects for photographing. I could see the matting (Cantharis fusca) and I was fascinated with their position - they look like as in a hurry to be finished as soon as possible.


IMG_0489 (Cantharis fusca)


While Michal with Ondra photographed their tree-frogs, me and Martin wanted some demoiselles in a high grass. But the time was intransigent and because of the fact we had reserved a table in our hotel, we were obligated to finish our today trip before six o´clock in the mening.


IMG_0486 European tree frog (Hyla arborea) IMG_0483 European tree frog (Hyla arborea) IMG_0436 European tree frog (Hyla arborea)


After short relaxation in our room, we went into the restaurant to summarise the Saturday action. Because Michal was very delighted with today photographing (I can confirm it) he ordered a bottle of red wine with perfect dinner. Unfortunatelly Martin could not be with us because of another meeting - and it was a pity....after third bottle of wine I had a call with Tomáš Valenta. The reason was quite clear - tomorrow photographing action - so we agreed all the things. After five bottle we decided to go bed because we knew that we have to wake very early tomorrrow (5 o´clock a.m.). By the way, it was relatively late,because Tomáš Valenta and Jirka Hodeček had to wake up at 3 h a.m. ,to be in the meeting point in time. The Sunday morning was very hard, and I was able to functionate only for 50%. Michal saw the tree- frog on each step but I had the problem not to overlook a cranefly.


IMG_0568 "Falconry leaded tree-frog" in morning sunshine + Michal´s macroset of dreams


Ondra and Michal again started to maket he pictures of tree-frogs, but me, Martin with collegues from macrowordl (Tomáš Valenta and Jirka Hodeček) run in the grass and finding the dewy incests. After the Saturday action I was very satistfied with my pictures of tree-frog,so it was not neccessary to make more. The wheater was ideal, the sun was shining with a little fog. After some time we decided to leave this place and move to the locations with demoiselles. Finally there was totaly six photographers + one collegue specialized for landscape (using Nikon). I forgot to remind that near of us there was a horse forageding the grass and after our leasing our place was very similar - crite circle with one bled in the middle....I think if somebody make the air photo,in local press will be published the article about the visit of extraterrrestial civilization.


IMG_0479 (Rhagio scolopaceus) IMG_0605 The Banded Demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens)


This is a opportunity to say thank you all participated photograpers for beutiful weekend and also special thanks to perfect personnel in our splendid hotel.